Leigh Vaughnn

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    • SAMMIES 2018 Winner★ New Artist ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Live Performer ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Music Video ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ R&B/Soul ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Release of the Year ★
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Q & A

How do you describe your music to people?

I describe my music as a vibe. Whatever mood you are in at that moment, I want to have a song that goes with it. Music transitions depending on what mood you’re in or what is inspiring you at that time, and I want to showcase what mood or inspiration I had at the moment this song was written.

Name a pet peeve.

A pet peeve of mine is when things are unorganized. Everything has a place, and I like everything to be seen.

What did you want to be when you were 7?

Ha, trick question… I wanted to be a singer, a superstar!

What drives you to keep playing even though the music industry can be so harsh?

I was born with a gift, and to many it sounds cliche but ever since I was a little girl I knew I belonged onstage, and I have a voice that is meant to be shared with the world, and I speak words that can heal many souls, and that’s what I want to do: heal souls with my words. I want to touch those who can relate to my music and experiences shared through it.

What's a big musical inspiration that would most surprise your fans?

A big musical inspiration would be that both my mother and aunt sing. They inspired me to do the best at what I love and with hard work comes reward. I always had someone to help me practice and to perform for, and that has helped mold me into the artist and performer I am today.

What's your favorite jam from the '90s?

"Don’t Let Go" by En Vogue, "Tonight" by Xscape and "No, No, No, Pt. 2" by Destiny’s Child.

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