Keep Chico Weird Shows 2018

Keep Chico Weird Talent Show

  • March 3rd, 2018 at 7:30p.m.
  • Senator Theatre, 517 Main St
  • Tickets $16.50/advance ($20/door)
  • Available at CN&R sweetdeals or Chico News & Review office
    Also at: and all JMax outlets
    Note: General admission; seating is first come, first serve

Keep Chico Weird Art Show

  • March 1-4 (reception March 1, 6-8p.m.)
  • The Museum of Northern California Art, 900 Esplanade
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About Keep Chico Weird

Weird is good. When we say, “Keep Chico weird,” it’s another way of saying, “Keep Chico fun and interesting. Keep Chico from being ordinary and boring.” While it’s true that we are well known for our big park and our big school, to really get the flavor of Chico, you have to include all the unique businesses, active and adventurous arts-makers, freaky groups, roadside oddities, and most of all, the quirky and sometimes flamboyant characters—all the funky artists, twirling hippies, street people, theater geeks, politicians, crusty punks, community rabble-rousers, and hipsters.

Absent the weirdness, Chico would just be another rural Nor Cal city. Only mini-malls and party bars would make Chico a dull city. We need weirdness of all stripes, and with our annual Keep Chico Weird issue, plus the Keep Chico Weird talent and art shows we produce, the Chico News & Review celebrates them all—the bright and colorful people, places and organizations that make Chico …“Chico.” CN&R

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