Cactus Pete and his 78 RPM Record Roundup

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    • Cactus Pete Stegall — deejay
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Q & A

All-time favorite song?


"Sally’s Got a Wooden Leg" by Sons of the West.

Tell us about this creative project. What is it?


My hobby of collecting 78 RPM records from local thrift stores and yard sales has led to me eventually sharing these records as a disc jockey.

Tell us about yourself.


I am a 78-year-old visual artist and vinyl disc jockey. I’ve lived in Sacramento for over 35 years off and on. I have a fascination with early country music, jazz and blues recordings. This interest has led me to collect old 78 RPM records and eventually to play them as a DJ at local and Bay Area bars and nightclubs.

What's the best part of this experience?


Sharing the cardboard cacti that I make and playing the music that I love with people.

What's the story behind the name?


The name “Cactus Pete” came about because I make small cardboard cacti that I give to friends. As I became more known as a DJ, the name stuck.

What's your favorite local artist/group?


Sactown Playboys, The Tropicali Flames, Sweet and Low Melody Co.

Who are your biggest influences?


My biggest influences are the records and recording artists themselves.

Words to live by?


Keep busy!

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