The musical diversity of the artists and bands that make up the 2018 SAMMIES Awards winners list is no surprise—our 26 categories reflect the broad range of contemporary popular music.

What is surprising—mind-blowing, really—is that Sacramento, at this moment, is producing so much high-quality music of so many kinds.

For 26 years now, SN&R has documented the local music scene as it has evolved and, for the most part, grown. The artists listed below are part of a proud Sacramento history.

Each link will take you to a page where you can learn about these local artists and hear their music.

To the winners: Congratulations. We know you worked hard to get here, and we’re glad you did.

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About the Sacramento Area Music Awards

The local music scene has evolved in the 26 years since the Sacramento News & Review launched the SAMMIES—the Sacramento Area Music Awards. Back in 1981, there were a handful of venues and a few dozen bands—today there's a thriving scene. Shoot—there are a half-dozen thriving scenes! Every year, SN&R asks readers and local music experts to nominate their favorite local performers. We receive thousands of votes and invaluable insight into what makes this town’s music scene so damn good.

This year there will be no SAMMIES Show, but we will announce the winners in our biggest ever Music issue, publishing March 29th.

  • All the SAMMIES winners will be announced in the biggest ever Music issue, publishing March 29th.

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