• Genre
  • Punk
  • Awards and Nominations
    • SAMMIES 2019 Nominee★ Punk/Post-punk ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Winner★ Teen ★
  • Musicians
    • Damian Whittaker — drums, vocals
    • Justice Azcarate — bass, vocals
    • Skyler DiMora-Franklin — guitar, vocals
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Q & A

How do you describe your music to people?


Easily relatable.

Name a pet peeve.


Big egos. Not like Eggos, the frozen waffles. “Egos,” like people who are full of themselves.

What drives you to keep playing even though the music industry can be so harsh?


Even if the music industry is harsh from time to time, we're just out there having a good time, and that’s what matters.

What was the first song you learned to play?


The first original song we learned to play together was called “Just Typical.”

What's a big musical inspiration that would most surprise your fans?


Our musical inspirations differ slightly. Skyler’s biggest influence is definitely Green Day. Justice's biggest influences are Les Claypool and Flea, along with the bass player from Rancid. And Damian’s biggest influences are Travis Barker and Dave Grohl.

What's your favorite local artist/group?


There are so many amazing local bands out there, it’s hard to pick one. But Free Candy, Flight Mongoose and Short Trip are full of amazing people and amazing music. Ya’ll should check 'em out.

Who is your secret star crush?


I heard Skyler has a celebrity crush on Tiffany Alvord…

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