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Q & A

All-time favorite song?


"Sleep Walk" by Santo and Johnny.

How did it first start?


Once the idea itself surfaced and I began sharing it openly with friends in the industry, I opened the shop ,with a lot of help from close friends in the music community and a lot of work, 2 years ago on R St in Sacramento.

Tell us about this creative project. What is it?


Stone Vintage Music Boutique was designed with the hopes of having a communal space that provides a home away from home for local and touring musicians, and appreciators of music who may not even play instruments themselves. The shop features vintage and vintage-inspired music gear, accessories and boutique effects for sale, as well as having a stage for local all-ages events, open mics, workshops and more. We service and repair guitars, effects and amplifiers, as well as having music lessons with active local musician teachers who can pass their passions on to younger generations of musicians and those looking to hone in their skills. The goal of the shop is to be a cultural hub for music that can inspire current and future generations of Sacramento musicians, to keep the spirit of music alive in the Sacramento region.

Tell us about yourself.


I've been a record collector, antique enthusiast and music history fanatic ever since I was a kid growing up in the area, and I've been a musician in the Sacramento music scene for just over 10 years with my band Blue Oaks. I'm always looking for ways to promote music culture in Sacramento and support the future of Sacramento's music community.

What's next for you?


We'll be moving forward into getting local beers in the shop and hosting more awesome events, YouTube specials, fun interactive activities and secret Sacramento musical ventures to be announced soon!

What's the best part of this experience?


There is nothing better than seeing people, both from older generations and younger generations, bond and connect from the shop. There's something about timeless items and the musical journey everyone experiences throughout their lives that is so inspiring. Being able to help this happen is amazing. It's something I feel very passionate about.

What's the story behind the name?


Stone is my last name, though I did have concerns about having my name be the name of the shop. (I'm not much of an ego-driven person, haha.) It just stood out as a solid name (no pun intended) for the business. The shop feel is that of what I'd imagined a 1960s guitar shop or boutique would be, and we specialize in vintage and vintage-inspired products, hence the "Vintage Music Boutique".

What's the worst part of this experience?


The worst part is the uphill battle of working to keep passion and interest in music active in the Sacramento region. There is a great and often unspoken apathy from musicians with the climate of Sacramento and Northern California's music scene in general, and it's difficult to push forward. Everyone equally seems to want good things to come to Sacramento, but they are so eager to slander and/or be unsupportive of new ideas and changes taking place. It's unfortunate, because at this time the music community needs connectivity and continued support from musicians, promoters, venues, event coordinators, developers and politicians in the area. I'd love to see the community reach a healthy point where there is largely active support of other musicians, businesses that promote local music in the area and laws that bring more music through Sacramento.

Who are your biggest influences?


I have some favorite shops and spaces around. There was a place called Calaveras Guitar Boutique in Austin, Texas when I lived there for a couple of years that had tons of effect pedals and special events now and then, and there is a shop in Portland called Black Book Guitars that is all hard-to-find vintage instruments in this small awesome store with great vibe. This idea and feeling inspired me quite a bit, we had nothing like that around this area, but a lot of musicians looking for a home base for their music needs and inspiration. The idea of this mixed with having local beers, regular all-ages events, lessons and repairs in a boutique space that is gender neutral without that macho guy feel (which is lacking greatly in our area especially) was the spark that drove things forward.

Words to live by?


Always being open to learn and follow what you love.

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