Christopher Fairman

  • Genre
  • Rock
  • Awards and Nominations
    • SAMMIES 2019 Nominee★ Singer-Songwriter ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Release of the Year ★
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Singer/Songwriter ★
  • Musicians
    • Christopher Fairman — vocals
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Q & A

How do you describe your music to people?


Indie rock is the easiest way to describe.

If you could be any character from history, who would it be?


I dunno. I'm pretty happy with my life. Maybe Roger Rabbit. He seemed to have a good time.

Name a pet peeve.


People that eat with their mouth open. Get the fuck outta here!

Name a recent personal food trend.


I've been studying Thai food for the last six years, I cook almost every day. Luckily for me, my boyfriend also loves Thai. Lately, I have been inspired by a restaurant in Los Angeles called Night + Market.

Tell us about your worst gig.


I played an acoustic show at Old Ironsides. I had just gone to a wine tasting for work and I got a little too lit from that... Pretty sure I made up all the words to all my songs. I was completely embarrassed.

What artist or band are you a little embarrassed to love, and why?


I wouldn't say embarrassed about anything. People give me shit for my love of Dave Matthews Band, that's for sure!

What did you want to be when you were 7?


The president or a professional tennis player.

What drives you to keep playing even though the music industry can be so harsh?


It's good for the soul, love hanging out with friends and I love the act of performing.

What was the first song you learned to play?


"Hot Cross Buns," duh!

What's a big musical inspiration that would most surprise your fans?


I listen to top 40 in my car if I'm not listening to NPR.

What's something most of your friends don't know about you?


A porn star follows and likes my Instagram quite often, usually food related.

What's your favorite jam from the '90s?


“#41” by Dave Matthews.

What's your favorite local artist/group?


50-Watt Heavy!

Who is your secret star crush?


I don't know if it's a secret, but I have the Bieber Fever.

You're given a magic wand. What do you do with it?


Make Trump disappear.

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