At Both Ends

  • Genres
  • Pop-Punk
  • Punk
  • Ska
  • Awards and Nominations
    • SAMMIES 2018 Nominee★ Punk/Post-punk ★
  • Musicians
    • Gene — guitar, vocals
    • George — backup dancer, trumpet, vocals
    • Jason — backup dancer, guitar
    • Joe — drums
    • Sean — bass, vocals
    • Tanner — trombone
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Q & A

How do you describe your music to people?


Gene: Fun, high-energy ska-punk with vocal harmonies coming out of every orifice.

Sean: It'll make you orgasm in your ear pussy.

Jason: Remember Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? Yeah, it's like that

Tanner: At our most recent show, we were described as “a local Less Than Jake," which means I gotta
live up to being a local Buddy Schaub, I guess.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what animal would you be?


Gene: A dolphin. Kinda makes sense, right?

Sean: Dog.

Jason: Goshawk!

George: I would be a falcon... So I could fly away... and do Falcony things.

Tanner: A shark, so I can live a happy, fulfilling life eating hypothetical people who don't end up making it to the hypothetical deserted island.

Joe: Ankylosaurus so I can smash shit. The year was not specified.

Tell us about your worst gig.


Gene: The one where we had no drummer because he was in jail... but we still had fun!

Sean: One time I got drunk, knocked over a PA tower, fell, then rolled to avoid the PA tower falling on me. It fell on the next band's drum kit instead :/. I kept playing from the ground till the song ended, then proceeded to get more drunk the rest of the set and night. We sold lots of shirts that night.

Jason: I once accidentally knocked my cable out of my tuner before my solo. I was making o-faces and whatnot but wasn't making sound. That was awkward.

Tanner: One time in marching band, I marched to the wrong spot in a formation during a field show. I recovered by marching to the correct spot in the next formation. Marching band was full of high pressure situations like that.

Joe: Pearl Harbor with the high school jazz band. I didn’t have a rug and my kick kept sliding. I still haven’t recovered.

What artist or band are you a little embarrassed to love, and why?


Gene: It takes a lot more than music taste to embarrass me. Have you seen my face?

Sean: I'm embarrassed of nothing I love—self actualization, yo!

Jason: No reason to be embarrassed of any artist or band that you love.

Joe: When Li sings “I'll Make A Man Out Of You” in the Mulan soundtrack, it goes hard in the paint. Come at me.

Tanner: When I'm leaving practice and I think no one else is around, I blast J-pop in the car.

What drives you to keep playing even though the music industry can be so harsh?


Gene: My sanity. Without it, I’m sure I’d kill my children.

Sean: If I don't have my music, then I die. So I work all day, and I party all night!

George: The way my head feels after the air vibrates my inner-aurals.

Tanner: Friends and fun. Also, gotta keep my chops in shape or else I lose 'em.

Joe: I don’t really consider myself part of the “industry” so much as part of my community.

Jason: My sanity. Without it, I'm sure I'd kill Gene's children.

What question would you like to ask your fellow bandmates?


Gene: If we could play just one song, what would it be? And what was that stink in the van?

Sean: Yeah, what's with that smell?

Jason: If you could domesticate one animal and have it as a pet, what would it be and why?

George: Do you want some of what's in this thermos?

Tanner: What is your ideal lazy Sunday?

Joe: A train leaving NYC departs at 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday and travels at 70 miles per hour. Assuming there is no wind and the train doesn’t stop, how far will it go if it ...

What was the first song you learned to play?


Gene: "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley.

Sean: "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day.

Jason: "Fade to Black" by Metallica.

George: "Hot Cross Buns."

Tanner: On trombone, my first song was "Wild Thing," which happens to be just a funky "Hot Cross Buns."

Joe: "Happy Birthday."

What's a big musical inspiration that would most surprise your fans?


Gene: Bon Jovi.

Sean: "...It's Why I'll Die Alone" is loosely based on Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca."

Jason: Minus the Bear.

Tanner: Trombone Shorty, but that's not very surprising. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Joe: Earth Wind & Fire.

What's something most of your friends don't know about you?


Gene: I don’t actually mind vegetarian food.

Sean: I'm better at everything than them.

Jason: I think Ghostbusters II is better than the original. Come at me.

George: I have a webbed toe.

Tanner: I own a one-eyed cat named Gladiolus that weighs 15 pounds and has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. He's cuddly except when he's hungry.

Joe: I’m a math whiz.

What's your favorite local artist/group?


Gene: Knocked Down.

Sean: I liked Rebel Radio a lot.

Jason: The Polyorchids.

George: Big Sticky Mess.

Tanner: What Rough Beast. My favorite song of theirs is "Sensitive Tough Guy."

Joe: Yankee Brutal.

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